Located within the progressively mindful town of Sonoma, Villa Terra Nova shares its sustainability values and celebrates its being recognized as the very first Slow City in the United States. CittaSlow (Italian for slow city) is the newly emerging counterpart to the Slow Food movement. Read more about Citta Slow and Sonoma’s place in this notable cause here.

Villa Terra Nova has been developed to provide a healthy environment for all who enter. Modern. Luxurious. Conscientious by design. Energy Efficient State-of-the-Art Construction, Renewable Materials and Zero VOC’s

  • Energy efficient materials and construction with structured insulated panels, ensure naturally cool rooms during the summer months and cozy warm rooms during the cooler seasons
  • The entire house water system has a built-in state-of-the-art filtration system at the source. Between great tasting water out of every faucet to filtered showers and bath water, guests enjoy high-quality filtered water that is completely free of added chemicals.
  • State-of-the art plumbing infrastructure and fixtures include an energy- and resource-conserving on-demand hot water system
  • Locally sourced stone used for interior and exterior walls and fireplaces, hand-built by local artisans
  • Solid walnut, cherry and alder wood cabinetry from renewable resources
  • Stone and hard wood floors
  • 100% wool carpets provide plush luxury in bedrooms
  • Double-paned windows make for a sound-protected environment and help maintain interior temperatures - keeping rooms cool in summer and warm in winter
  • Energy Star kitchen appliances and laundry facilities
  • Utilization of recycle waste management services
  • Zero VOC paints used throughout the interiors
  • Environmentally friendly, commercial grade housekeeping products
  • Water source for landscape irrigation provided from the property’s own abundant well system


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